Celebrating all our aged care employees

An female older adult with silver hair happily embracing a woman with long brown hair

Saturday 7 August is National Aged Care Employee Day

It's a day where we recognise everyone in our Assessment Services team and all other aged care workers for the support they provide to older adults in our communities.

Across Australia over 360,000 nurses, care workers, allied health professionals, hospitality teams, drivers, cleaners, volunteers, lifestyle officers, administration staff support nearly 1.5 million older Australians.

APM Assessment Services delivers aged care assessments to older people across Australia, helping them to access the support they need to live more independently at home.

They also deliver Residential Aged Care Assessments which ensure older people gain access to the right support in aged care residences.

In the last year, our team completed over 34,700 assessments, comprised of:

  • More than 27,200 Regional Assessment Service (RAS) assessments
  • More than 7,400 Residential Aged Care assessments (RACA)

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected the aged care industry, with the hundreds of thousands of aged care employees becoming part of the front line of essential workers.

Their hard work, support and care for older Australians have, and continues to be vital in so many ways.

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Want to support older people in your community?

We are looking for superstars in aged care to join the APM team, who are driven to enable better lives. If you’re considering a new role or a career change into the aged care industry, the opportunity is here to make a difference to your community.

There are part-time and full-time roles available across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

Your first step towards some incredible and rewarding work can begin when you visit the APM Careers website.

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