Equus Workforce Solutions joins APM Group

Two women shake hands over a business deal

APM has completed the acquisition of Equus Workforce Solutions, one of the largest workforce development organisations in North America.

With over 3,000 employees operating across 38 states and territories, Equus is well recognised for their support of clients and active engagement of businesses in the workforce system in the US.

Equus also has a presence in Canada, with its subsidiary Agilec providing employment services in Ontario and career transition services for Veterans Affairs Canada.

Like APM, both Equus and Agilec have a team of exceptional people who are focused every day on enabling better lives.

Our collective purpose remains preparing as many people as possible for new opportunities and to help them into living their best life.

APM Executive Chair, Megan Wynne said: “At APM we remain focused on increasing access to our services for our current and future clients.

"The coming together of APM and Equus enables us to expand the breadth and reach of offerings, and the number of locations, and channels in which we operate”.

Equus becomes an important part of APM’s global focus on providing excellent services, quality outcomes and enabling better lives in the communities we serve.

For more information, visit apminvestors.net.au.