Higher performance standards

Published on 01 Dec 2014

APM has lifted its average star rating for both DMS and ESS and now has 16 Employment Service Areas rated at the highest level - five stars - the company's best ever result.

"The latest figures confirm that the work carried out by APM is paying dividends as our sites across Australia have continued to make gains in performance across the board," said APM's Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hobday.

"This is a strong result and is a credit to our staff who continue to be committed to making a real difference to the lives of job seekers."

APM has achieved overall star ratings levels which are above industry averages across our contracts. Of APM's DMS contracts, 26 per cent have been awarded a five-star rating, while 41 percent have been given a four-star rating or above.

This compares more than favourably to the industry averages of 17 per cent and 28 per cent respectively.

Similarly, 20 per cent of APM's ESS contracts have a five-star rating in contrast to a 14 per cent industry average. With 40 percent of contracts at four stars or above, this again puts APM above the 28 per cent industry average.

"While we are proud of these figures, APM will continue to improve our strategies for helping job seekers who have a disability," Mr Hobday said.

"Our team continues to collaborate with local employers and grass-roots community organisations.

"This further enhances the work that our team does to help lift the level of employment participation on behalf of the Australian Government."