Narelle is now closer to home to support her family

Narelle standing at her work station, inspecting coins at the Perth Mint

With support from APM and the Matera Foundation, Narelle has found a better work-life balance

Narelle is a proud Indigenous woman from Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia and the sole parent to four children.

After more than 15 years away from work to raise her children, Narelle decided she wanted to re-enter the workforce.

She approached APM in 2018 for assistance transitioning into employment. She initially requested support to compose her resume and understand the key requirements that employers look for when hiring.

Although Narelle admitted she could be reserved and shy at times, she was willing to give anything a try and continue to build her self-confidence.

Narelle was supported through APM’s jobactive program, assisted by Employment Consultant Ellen and Employer Account Manager Austin.

She expressed interest in finding a retail or administration position. As her confidence grew she attended the Matera Foundation’s Pathways to Employment program.

The program aims to address the key barriers experienced by Aboriginal people, helping them transition from an entry level job to a career in their desired industry or field.

Testament to her resilience and dedication, Narelle studiously progressed well through the course work and was not afraid to speak out and ask for assistance when required.

Narelle was able to gain employment as a dump truck driver which she found enjoyable, even becoming fully qualified to drive on her own. However, the job required Narelle to fly to sites and spending time away from her children was difficult.

“Narelle discussed finding employment in Perth, so she could be around more and continue to support her family,” Austin said.

“An ideal opportunity at The Perth Mint came across my desk, so Ellen and I put her forward.”

She has now been working at The Perth Mint, located in the eastern part of Perth City, since early October in the Coin Inspection Department.

On a daily basis, Narelle inspects highly valuable gold, silver and platinum collectable coins for flaws and faults, polishes coins and organises the display of finished products throughout the building.

“Narelle’s give-it-a-go attitude made it much easier to find her a suitable job,” Ellen said. “She’s looking forward to being able to provide for her kids during Christmas.”

She further commended her colleague: “Austin has made a great impact in Narelle’s life.”

With her big smile and bubbly personality, Narelle has quickly become a valued member of The Perth Mint team.

Narelle’s manager, Riaana, attested to how well she gets along with her colleagues.

“She has been a great addition to the team and we really enjoy having her work with us at The Perth Mint.”

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