Overcoming barriers at work living with visual impairment

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Ahead of this year’s International Day of People with Disability on December 3, APM is hosting a series of webinars with leaders dedicated to supporting the greater inclusion of people with disability.

The fourth, and final webinar is from infrastructure professional and accessibility advocate Ben Johnston and will take place on Thursday 1 December.

In his presentation, Ben will be discussing the barriers in the workplace faced by people with vision impairment and how can we overcome them.

Ben has been completely blind since birth, resulting from a condition called Norrie disease.

However, his passion for the infrastructure industry has driven him forward and seen him work in a number of offices across consultancy, government, and construction contracts.

He's currently completing a traineeship in the industry.

Through Ben's lived experience he's had to overcome a number of challenges in the workplace resulting from his visual impairment.

These challenges are things we may not often consider such as transportation, navigating around office spaces, and attending projects and off-site events.

Having often been the first person with a visual impairment that his employers have worked with, Ben has shown he can still complete most tasks with the right adjustments.

Ben invites you to become part of the learning and support experience for your colleagues with visual impairment.


Overcoming barriers at work for people with visual impairment

What is your team doing for #IDWPD?

International Day of People with Disability is a chance for organisations everywhere to better recognise and support people with disability.

The annual celebration and recognition of people with disability aims to reduce the inaccurate stereotypes that surround many disabilities and enable more recognition of an individual’s ability.

It also provides a chance for leaders to check if their organisation is missing out on the multiple benefits of being inclusive of people with disability.

At APM we help thousands of people with disability access employment, community and mainstream support every day.

Across the APM Group our teams also guide organisations to better serve customers, support employees and colleagues, and grow in their community, through a range of services and programs on being accessible and inclusive of people with disability.

We believe everyone has a role to play in enabling better lives for people with disability, and we want to make it easier for more people and organisations to do just that.

Find out more at apm.net.au/idpwd.