Persistence pays off

Published on 08 Mar 2017

After two years hunting for work, Devonport woman Tracey Laredo was close to giving up and leaving town.

With a bit of help from Adam Matthews from APM employment services, Ms Laredo has found purpose and satisfaction with a job at Priority One Independent Living and Mobility Aids in Devonport.

Down in the dumps and struggling to get interviews, she was applying “everywhere and anywhere”.

“I was so desperate for a job I was willing to do anything,” Ms Laredo said.

Having been made redundant from Sitel call centre in Devonport, Ms Laredo said she had experience in admin, cleaning, hospitality and even car detailing.

“It was really frustrating and I started thinking it was because of my age because when you get over 40-years-old it makes things a bit harder,” she said.

Ms Laredo said Mr Matthews helped her approach employers.

With her new boss George Slessor undergoing an operation, Ms Laredo came in at the right time to assist.

“I came across some great people and I came in at the right time – so persistence works even though I was losing confidence.”

Ms Laredo was offered a permanent part time position after just two days of her two week trial.

Ecstatic to be working, she said coming in with “great people” to work for made the experience even better.

Ms Laredo now works three days a week assisting customers, assembling stock and doing admin duties.

“It is quite rewarding because you know you are helping people making their life that much better – you can see it in their faces,” she said.

Ms Laredo said it is particularly rewarding when someone who is unable to drive comes in for a mobility scooter.

Business co-owner Dianne Slessor said employing Ms Laredo has been an enormous help.

“We get on so well, it was like it was always meant to be,” Mrs Slessor said.

“She uses her initiative, she is trustworthy and she has learnt the products and the skills of the job really well.”

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