APM ParentsNext Kylie's story transcript

Kylie Burke: My name is Kylie Burke. I have a five-year-old little boy, and I've been with ParentsNext now for about 12 months. 

When I first came to ParentsNext, no, I had no idea what they were doing. But Kylie explained it pretty well to me. And yeah, I told her what I was aiming for. And she sent me in the right direction. 

My goals was to become a personal trainer. At the time I was still trying to fix up myself first. And then, by the beginning of this year, I wanted to start my Certificate IV in Health and Fitness. 

Kylie put me into a program which was to help me build a resume. And it wasn't just to build a resume, as well they actually taught me how to look for jobs and get everything ready to start work. 

Definitely finishing my course, that was my number one goal, and then landing a job. Pretty much about a week before I finished, I walked out with employment. 

Kylie worked around my hours with Riley. And when it came to doing my activities, she found an activity that suited my time slot. So I got to get in there. 

It's helped me by leading me in the direction that I needed to go. Before I started, I knew I had to enroll with TAFE, and that was about it. 

If you got any questions, don't be scared to ask your ParentsNext person. And just follow your dreams. Yeah, you'll get it, if you want it. 

Kylie Underhill: My name is Kylie. I am a Parent and Family Pathway Planner at APM for the Salisbury office. 

When she first came in to see me she was quite shy, she was quiet. She knew what she wanted, but it was about trying to help guide her to achieve her goals. 

In the meantime, we looked into other short courses. And there was one run at the Morella Community Center, called I Want To Work. And Kylie said it was perfect. I think it was a day a week, which she could work around Riley's kindy. And it meant that she could work on her skill development, creating a resume, cover letter, and actually further exploring the career path she wanted to take. 

So basically, yeah, I've seen Kylie blossom. She comes in confident. You could see that she's just a totally different person from when she first started. She's got direction. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get it. 

We did an assessment a little while ago as well. And she said, "I don't even know what to put anymore. I've met all my goals. I've done what I wanted to do and now I'm happy." So, to me, that's perfect. 

Alison Davies: I'm Alison. I'm the coordinator here at Morella Community Center. We run a range of programs designed to meet the needs of the community around us. These can range from accredited and non-accredited foundation skills programs. So everything from English language and IT, through to some vocational based programs and programs like I Want To work; which Kylie participated in. 

Morella works closely with ParentsNext to ensure that people can have an entry point into a program or an opportunity that's right for them at the time. Adult community education is a really great way of developing learning aspirations, and they can extend beyond just the parent coming in. We've seen examples where parents have changed what they thought they could achieve and where they could go to, to the extent where that impacts on a family, where children see their parent learning as well. That's pretty powerful.

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