Assure - Amart's Mental Health and Wellbeing provider transcript

Gerard Bevan: Hi, I'm Gerard Bevan, head of customer care at Assure Programs. My role at Assure entails working with many organizations in the management of their organizational wellbeing programs. So I work with other leaders and clinicians and health professionals to really add value to what organizations are wanting to achieve in and around healthy and productive and engaged employees so that they can bring the best version of themselves to work each and every day.

What I like most about working with Assure is the positive difference we make each and every day to employees and family members who use our service. So it's working with organizations to really step through where they're at, in terms of their maturity around wanting to utilize a lot of what we can do and setting some sort of key milestones along the way.

Our advice to our customers is don't just think about Assure as a reactive, counseling in need services provider. Yes, that's a fundamental component of what we provide and our clinicians provide, but my role and our team's role is to really work with organizations to, as you say, plan a real strategy around optimizing the holistic and wellbeing, proactive and preventative components of what we do.

Emma: I'm Emma. I'm the National Safety Advisor for Amart Furniture. What I'd say to someone who was thinking about using the EAP, is just do it. Make that phone call. It's so easy. I think working with as Assure over the last five, six years has been amazing. It's a great service and I'm so proud that we offer it to our team and their families. I have had some team members come and tell me that they've had a crisis in their personal life. They've reached our out to the EAP and they've found it really beneficial to give them some great coping strategies.

Gerard Bevan: Doesn't matter if you work for a small business or a large business, our support's exactly the same; helping people work through an issue that's troubling them so that they can work through that issue to bring the best version of themselves to work, the employee benefits, and the employer benefits. That's the real crux of what we are aiming to do each and every day.