CiC - Employee wellbeing at The Zoological Society transcript

Harry Key: CiC runs a lot of different employee wellbeing services. Mainly employee assistance programs, but also specialist services. Basically, anything that you might need when your psychological wellbeing or your mental health is affected in the workplace. Any of our users, of course, would benefit from the services provided by having that trusted clinical place they can go for their discussions. But organizations will benefit largely from being able to attract and retain top talent, reduce absenteeism, and just generally have more well, happy members of staff who are supported when they need the support most.

Kiran Gill: Everybody has difficulties within their life, whether it's at work or whether it's at home, and employers have a duty of care to ensure that their workforce is happy. The whole purpose of having an employee assistance program means that the employee can access that confidential support without fear of the manager finding out that they need the support.

Teresa Chandler: I love working with them. I have a phenomenal account manager who is always there for me. If it's a little question, if it's another report that I need, or if I need her to just come in and tell our managers again about our manager adviceline or the services that we have, she'll always be there. And it does not only help the employees, because we want to make sure they're at their very best game, so getting the support they need physically, mentally and emotionally is great and helps the company. But it also helps managers because they want to support their employees, but may not necessarily have the skills to do so. EAP also provides managers. For example, CiC has a manager adviceline that our managers can call, so when they feel overwhelmed and maybe quite nervous about a conversation they're about to have with an employee, they can use the adviceline as well.

Sarah Lancaster: Businesses can engage really easy with our services and it really is a phone call away and you'll have access to one of our account managers and they will help you in order to provide you with the right resources and support in order to help your employees.

Harry Key: Accessing CiC's employee assistance programs is as easy as anything can be. We try and make it open to as many forms of communication as possible, so you'll always have a 24 hour advice line with a free phone number that you can call in 24 hours a day. You'll be able to email us, straight through to the same clinician to answer those emails. You'll be able to live chat with us through our website or through our progressive web app as well.

Teresa Chandler: I would recommend CAC, one because of the high level of service they provide, the variety, but also that they're operating internationally. And ultimately it doesn't only help the employee to benefit from these services, but it also helps the managers and ultimately the organisation.