David and Ingeus Singapore transcript

David: Hi, my name is David. I'm 36 years old this year. My profession is a Food Scientist. Because COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the job market here in Singapore, especially my industry, so I needed the career coaching service to make me a bit more aware of some of these changes. The coach helped me with interview preparations. I got some tips about how to improve my resume from the coach and how to customize each resume for each job application. So it has been quite positive and helpful as well. Currently, I'm doing a job as a product developer at a dairy company called [inaudible 00:00:45]. So I think I got this role because of the positive help that I got from my coach here at Ingeus. That is actually the role that I always wanted, so I think I'm very happy that I got that role. I think it has been really helpful and also pretty positive. So it was a good experience overall.