The Australian benchmark for disability diversity and inclusion

The APM Disability Diversity and Inclusion Index (DDI Index) is a landmark research project evaluating disability diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces.

This research was commissioned by APM - the world’s leading mission-driven human services organisation with a global team of over 6,000 people in more than 700 locations across 10 countries.

APM enables better lives through a range of services including employment assistance, allied health, assessment services and disability employment.

As the largest provider of Disability Employment Services in Australia, APM helps local and national businesses build diverse and inclusive teams and look after their workforce through a range of workplace health and rehabilitation programs and initiatives.

Since 1994, APM has helped more than 1 million Australians with injury, illness or disability to find or return to meaningful, lasting employment and, in the last year alone, has supported more than 500,000 people around the world to lead better lives.

This research examines employment and career access, equity and inclusion, exploring a range of factors including barriers, enablers, outcomes and impacts.

Capturing attitudes, perspectives and actions, the DDI Index is a benchmark of inclusion and equity for job seekers and employees with a disability or returning to work after an injury or illness.

The APM DDI Index includes insights gathered from more than 600 businesses across Australia and more than 1,200 people with an injury, illness or disability (collectively referred to as people with disability).

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APM commissioned independent market research consultancy CoreData to undertake this project,

which was designed to measure and track three key areas:

Culture - The level of recognition and understanding of disability among Australian businesses - and how inclusive workplaces are currently.

Accessibility - How accessible, inclusive and equitable employment and education are for people with disability.

Career equity - The equity and parity of employment and career progression opportunities for people with disability, including employment quality and advancement.

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