Make home workouts work for you

As Australia moves into our ‘new normal’, APM’s Health & Wellbeing team will provide regular insights and advice to help you address some of the most pertinent issues arising.

Our aim is to help you and your organisation respond to and evolve with the situation.

What does this mean?

One of the most important aspects of health and wellbeing is regular physical exercise.

Research shows regular exercise supports good mental health and is increasingly important during times of crisis and heightened anxiety.

Also, evidence suggests regular cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking, cycling, running and swimming, may:

  • Better protect you against complications of COVID-19
  • Boost your immune system, including the ability to fight off communicable diseases
  • Help you manage pre-existing health conditions
  • Benefit your overall wellbeing – including better sleep, mobility and energy

However, with limited access to popular fitness activities, many of us are exercising less than we usually would.

What you can do?

  1. Create a structure in your ‘lockdown lifestyle’ to support exercise. Routines support our commitment to wellness activities and good lifestyle decisions. Plan your ideal day at home and include a designated time for exercise.
  2. Join online services that don’t require equipment. Fitness studios have adapted quickly to COVID-19 restrictions and are offering online classes, many free of charge. You can start small with short classes or quick exercises to help you build a new routine.
  3. If you are working, or home with children, make physical activity an important part of the work/school day. Conduct ‘walking meetings’ with colleagues, and art classes with the kids at a local park. Use recent changes to daily life to your advantage.

Where to go for help and information