Resilience – daily practices that make a difference

Australian workplaces are currently facing a myriad of challenges and opportunities.

Through our series of weekly Market Updates, APM’s Health & Wellbeing team will provide regular insights to help you address some of the most pertinent issues arising and keep your teams thriving.

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What does this mean?

Resilience is critical for individuals and organisations right now.

Previously we explored the behaviours and characteristics of resilient people, and why being resilient is so important.

So, how do you become more resilient? How do you build a resilient organisation?

The Mental Fortitude model has been shown to drive sustained performance improvements in athletes and has long been used in the corporate world too. The model suggests three key areas to focus on.

  1. A facilitative environment – Promoting a learning environment, where it is ok to make mistakes, is critical. You need a good balance of challenge and support – allowing people to develop resilience together.
  2. Personal qualities – Focus on the behaviours you can influence, such as mindfulness, wellbeing, social involvement and goal setting.
  3. Challenge mindset – Responding to challenges with a positive mindset builds resilience. Regular self-reflection can help build this mindset.

Research tells us that regular - if not daily - practice is the best way to build resilience. Combine this with structured training and coaching.

Above all, be a role model for your team, and create an environment in which they can thrive.

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