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Make your workplace perform at its best

When you hire a person with disability, you may need to make some adjustments or modifications to your workplace

We will assist you to access innovative workplace modifications to help your new team member get to work and perform at their best.

If your employee works at least eight hours a week, we can help you access funds for workplace modifications at no cost to your business. This might involve:

  • Minor changes to your office
  • New tools or equipment

  • Introducing new technology and communication devices

  • Adapting work vehicles

  • Team awareness training on disability and mental health

Workplace modifications are funded through the federal government's Employment Assistance Fund and can be made at no cost to you.

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More support for your employee

Need an accurate, thorough assessment to help you support your employee with disability?

APM is a member of the National Panel of Assessors – an Australian Government program that provides a range of assessment services to help people with disability in the workplace.

Our qualified assessors look at your employee's job, their abilities and your workplace to identify any equipment or modifications that would work.

Each year, we deliver more than 1,500 assessments to identify and recommend support and interventions to help people overcome barriers to and improve their ability to work.

We can help your business with the following workplace disability assessments:

  • Employment Assistance Fund assessments for deciding on modifications and services in your workplace
  • Ongoing Support assessments to help us determine if your employee needs more support to maintain their current job
  • Supported Wage System assessments enable your employee to gain financial help if they have to reduce their productivity levels due to their disability

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Enhancing your workplace for your whole team

We work with you to prepare and submit applications for modifications and assist with any training required

Your APM consultant will guide you and your employee through the assessment and application process for any modifications.

We look to see what equipment, services or workplace enhancements will best support your team member.

The modifications we help deliver can be varied, and all depend on the role of your employee, their capabilities and the nature of your workplace.

Previous workplace modifications we have delivered include:

  • A tractor modified with a special attachment to enable an employee with one arm to safely move mulch around garden beds and empty bins
  • A new staircase to enable an employee with a back injury to access materials in the loft of a business instead of being forced to use a ladder
  • Air conditioning for an office worker who had a thyroid condition and needed the working environment to be cooler

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