APM Vocational Counselling - more than just great employment outcomes

Published on 13 Dec 2018

To enable better lives isn't just a mantra, it's a commitment that guides all APM decisions.

It also led to a group of APM team members going beyond the required level support of their service programs to deliver additional help to job seekers facing homelessness.

APM WorkCare’s allied health professionals work with partners in APM’s Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive schemes to deliver collaborative support and better outcomes for job seekers. 

APM WorkCare’s Professional Services is an employment focused program assisting job seekers to manage non-vocational barriers and find long term, sustainable employment. 

We have now delivered over 8,000 services to job seekers this year alone. 

The program delivers vocationally focused assessments to job seekers and provides vocational counselling interventions which have support them on their journey back to work.

Helping them discover their goals and to focus on the skills they have, while looking at local job opportunities, has helped many long term unemployed people rediscover the benefits of work.  

All programs are aimed at reducing the impact of barriers to employment and leading to better return to work outcomes.  

An internal saying in APM now is that WorkCare Works! 

Data demonstrates that job seekers who see APM WorkCare for three sessions are 2.8 times more likely to secure durable employment. (Measured as 26 weeks or more in employment.) 

After noticing  a number of clients were challenged with homelessness, the NSW WorkCare team became busy over winter channelling their crafty side.

A swag of knitted and crocheted blankets were handmade by the team and donated to homeless Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive APM clients.