How to get a healthy, trained
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We help businesses across Australia reduce the risk of injuries, develop safe work practices and return injured employees to work quickly

When you work with us, you benefit from more than 25 years’ experience of supporting organisations through proactive injury prevention and managing the complexities of workers’ compensation and injury management.

We specialise in assessments, support services and training to transform your workplace. These include:

We understand your people are your greatest asset and we’re committed to helping your team succeed.

We're your partner for preventing lost productivity and maintaining the best employee support throughout the employment lifecycle.

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Workplace health and wellness

Avoid the impact of injury on your team. APM WorkCare can help you create a working environment that encourages safe practices and attitudes to keep your employees safe and looked after.

Early intervention

If you have an injured employee APM WorkCare works closely with you and your insurer to provide proactive early intervention strategies that will keep your employee at work or reduce lost time.

Return to work services

Need help getting an injured employee back to work? APM WorkCare works with you and your employee to identify and remove any barriers to their return to work plan.


Our bespoke, award-winning app, APMiQ, enables our occupational rehabilitation teams to capture powerful data and useful insights into an injured worker’s overall wellbeing, emotional health and their perceived return to work capacity. 

Work Assist

If one of your team has an injury, illness or disability, we can provide support to keep them at work. Work Assist is funded by the Australian Government and is provided at no cost to your business.

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APM’s best practice outcome-focused approach is widely recognised through our strong relationships with employers, insurers and government agencies, making APM their provider of choice.

We get to know your business

We understand the personal and financial impact a serious injury can place on your organisation

Our experienced teams have delivered workplace health, rehabilitation, injury and wellness services across multiple industries and in all states and territories.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off
ergonomics assessment, an injury prevention strategy or a whole-of-organisation workplace wellness plan, our experts help strengthen your workforce and simplify your processes.

You get a dedicated single point of contact with access to an extensive network of professionals who deliver services to 96 per cent of the Australian population.

Our network includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and registered nurses.

We work with your workforce to deliver a customised service that builds on your team's culture and expands the understanding of safe work practices.

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Are you supporting everyone in your team?

Stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological health conditions are a growing concern in our workplaces

APM WorkCare has extensive experience in the successful management of complex psychological injury and stress claims.

Our teams regularly work with serving members of the Australian Defence Force, government agencies, and an increasing number of private sector organisations.

We know it’s not an easy issue for employers to manage, just as we understand it’s not easy for every employee to ask for help.

We do psychological based work assessments which look at the impact of job tasks on a worker’s mental health.

If your employee reports an issue or is off work, we can provide early psychological support and assist to better understand and manage the situation.

We also provide your managers and supervisors with training to manage and identify early signs of any mental health issues in your team.

Find out more about how to support your workforce’s wellbeing and psychological health.

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