Practical insights on mental health in the workplace

Published on 13 Dec 2018

Health professionals, injury management experts and business leaders joined APM WorkCare for a seminar on leadership in mental health.

As the drive for more awareness and information surrounding mental health in an employee’s wellbeing gets stronger, APM WorkCare hosted the event for customers and industry partners.

The seminar included talks from Australia Post’s Head of Enterprise Safety Emma Blee and mental health specialist Dr Peter Cotton.

More than 80 people including government representatives and insurance managers shared discussions with professionals from various industries about mental wellbeing in their workplaces.

APM WorkCare General Manager Philip Paysden said the seminar was a positive forum to explore the best ways to improve mental health.

“Given that one in five Australians will experience a mental illness in any year, there is a growing impact on Australian workplaces we cannot ignore,” he said.

“APM WorkCare believe that it is our collective responsibility to provide leadership in mental health and wellbeing."  

Attendees praised the format of the seminar for its relevance with their own workplaces.

Keith Govias, National Health & Safety Manager of The Reject Shop said: “I’ve already come back to my business with new ideas for improvement.” 

APM WorkCare are planning their next workplace health seminar.

To attend our next event or to access information and resources from our mental health seminar contact Amanda Johnston by email: