What is APMiQ transcript

Speaker 1: APMiQ is a smartphone app that puts the best practice of rehabilitation into the palms of the hands of our consultants. Standardized assessments, such as the Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire (OMPQ), the DASS-21, and psychosocial assessments such as the APM Life Index are loaded into the app, allowing our consultants to assess clients at any point in time during their program. The data is collected and pushed through our case management system, allowing us to export out progress reports, assessment reports, and a variety of other tools to better track a person's recovery towards their return to work. We've been hearing from our customers for a long time we need better ways to track worker's recovery. Particularly, the psychosocial barriers that impact a person's confidence, their belief in their abilities to return to work, and their trust in the employer of the compensation system.

Good information was often lost in lengthy progress reports, handwritten assessment notes, and a lack of visibility for our customers so we can clearly and easily track that client's progress towards their return-to-work goals. As a customer of APM, when you refer a client to us, your clients will be asked the same set of questions that we normally do using the APMiQ app. Our progress reports will include a dashboard which shows the client's progress over time and calls out risks to that person's return to work, particularly around the psychosocial areas. APMiQ brings a clear and simple digital approach to occupational rehabilitation and most importantly, it gives us a mechanism to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of APM’s case management services.