Taking the first steps towards a bright future

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day; and it’s become the first and most important meal of Felix’s culinary career.

Felix wanted to take a step towards more sustainable employment and his goal of becoming a Chef.

His autism impacts his ability to retain new information, and he needed a supportive work environment where he could learn some of the culinary basics.

He achieved this all-important first step after connecting with APM, and it didn’t take him long to start succeeding!

"I feel really positive about the future"   

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Feeling welcome

One of Felix's goals was to secure more sustainable employment; he'd had casual jobs but hadn't found a role where he felt he could grow and progress.

With support from APM's Disability Employment Services Felix has found his groove as part of the breakfast team in a large hotel in Perth.

As part of a diverse team he's mastering some cooking and food preparation techniques

He's learning a lot of new information, which means Felix has become better at asking for help in a team environment.

"It’s actually really good because it means I can talk to people and they can show me how to do things and things, it helps a lot" he said.

"I definitely feel accepted here "

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The right support 

Felix and his APM Employment Consultant still talk regularly to see how he's getting on, and discussing feedback from his employer.

With the right strategies in place to support his learning difficulty, Felix has kicked goals in other areas of his life, including passing his driving test!

His consultant Philippa observes positive changes in him:

"I think his progress has really been with that confidence. After passing his driving test he’s really getting that confidence and independence to have his first real job" she said.

Felix's employer Wendelin talks about the diverse and supportive environment in his kitchen:

"We work quite closely with a number of other culinary students, my team is used to have new trainees in the kitchens. For them it’s the same process they apply for all the other cooking students that come through, they just need to take that little bit of extra time" he said.

When asked what his favourite part of his new role was, Felix said:

"Being able to come and have something to do and put my energy into this, and yeah I definitely feel accepted here" he said "I feel really positive about the future."

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