Get work-ready with Employability Skills Training transcript

Sue: If you need training before you start employment, or you need guidance in your career path, or if you're looking for work and need assistance in tailored resumes, interview skills or connections with employers, then we are here to help you. When you refer to our program, we'll sit with you, we'll do an initial assessment, and we'll work out what your career goals are by doing quizzes or vocational assessments. We'll find out what areas you're looking for and we'll tailor the program to suit your needs. If you've got a specific job in mind, we'll help you tailor application for that position and upskill you to get that job. If you're an employer and you're looking for staff, then we can help you with pre-employment training. If you're really looking for assistance, whether you're an employer or a job seeker, come and talk to us at APM.