Centrelink is one of the ways the Australian Government connects you with social services, including financial support and help to find a job

APM is a private company and we provide some of the government-funded services you can access through Centrelink.

We work with Centrelink and the government to help the following types of people:

  • unemployed or underemployed job seekers
  • people with disabilities
  • retired people
  • carers
  • Indigenous Australians
  • youth aged 16 to 24
  • people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds

If you’re going to Centrelink for employment services, remember to ask for APM to be your employment services provider, so you can get the best chance of success with your job search.

If you're currently registered with Centrelink, you may be assessed and referred to APM in order to join a job search program and receive your support payments.

You will likely be placed in either the jobactive or Disability Employment Services program, depending on your circumstances.

See below on how to start your journey with APM, or contact our support centre on 1800 276 276.

Looking for work? Let's get started

If you are looking for work, have lost your job or you’re at risk of losing your job, we can help

Our jobactive and Disability Employment Services provide you with a personalised support program to find work.
You get a consultant who will work with you to provide advice, support and skills you need to apply for jobs.
Your level of support depends on your circumstances and to access our services you need to be:

  • referred to APM from Centrelink
  • referred to APM from another support organisation
  • registered with APM directly

If you have been already referred to us from Centrelink, please visit our searching for work page to get started on your job search.

Registering with APM

When you register with us directly, we can check your eligibility for our programs and help you get started.

We will guide you through the Centrelink process and your initial assessment which decides if you are best suited for jobactive or Disability Employment Services.

If you need to speak to someone about accessing our services, call the APM Service Centre at any time on 1800 276 276.

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Get the most out of APM and Centrelink

When registering with Centrelink you can speed up your process by having several documents ready

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These include:

  • proof of identity - your Australian birth certificate, driver’s licence and a utility bill with your address
  • bank details - bank balances for your account and (if applicable) your partner
  • income evidence - proof of any income, such as payslips from current or previous jobs

You will also need an employment separation certificate from each employer you have finished working for in the last 12 months.

To register with Centrelink, visit your nearest Centrelink office, or click here to sign up to an online Centrelink account.

If you have registered with Centrelink and wondering what to do next, contact us and we will be happy to help.

We work together to support you

Your APM consultant will explain what you need to do in order to receive support payments

This will include agreeing on your mutual obligations which help keep your financial support running smoothly.

If you don’t meet your obligations, we have to notify Centrelink and this may put your payments at risk.

If you have a change in your circumstances and can’t keep up with your APM program, it is important to talk to your consultant and Centrelink.

Centrelink may be able to provide you with a temporary exemption, or decide if you should take a break from your program.

If this happens your employment consultant will be there to help when you return.

When you find your next job

When you’ve found a new job, make sure you tell your APM employment consultant as soon as possible

We want to make sure you make the best start in the workplace, and we may be able to help you access on-the-job support.

You also need to tell Centrelink. You can update them quickly by calling 133 276 (13 EARN).

If you forget to tell Centrelink and they overpay you, your support payments could be at risk and you may incur debt.

As your pay increases, your Centrelink benefits may get smaller depending on the type of your allowance. Even with this reduction, you’re still likely to be better off financially with a job compared to only receiving a benefit.

You can see how much your finances will improve with a job by clicking here to access an estimates tool.

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