Ingeus Singapore - Priya transcript

Priya Ravindran: My name is Priya, my job title is HR Executive. Before Ingeus, it was very tough because there wasn't anyone calling me back for an interview. And after going through Ingeus, I literally had calls every day, at least is once a week for an interview or to check on my availability. Initially we had I think about five workshops that we had to attend. My coach actually assisted me with my resume and she actually give me inside tips as well on how to actually network and what to look out for when applying for a job. I felt good because I know then I was doing something right. And with my coach's help, Mimi Tay help, I was able to secure a job as well. Basically, I'm looking for this engineering company called Meinhardt. I think I'm going to stay here for quite a bit and then I'll see how it goes from there. Life, nothing much, maybe I'm just going to upgrade myself.

Yeah, so there's SkillFuture now so I'm going to take certain course with them. So yeah, let's see how it goes. I feel relieved because I didn't have... I mean, I was looking for a job since April actually and then to get a job very quickly within one to two months, which was very good for me because I had a son at home that I have to feed, so yeah. So far so good. Yeah.