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Share your message on how workplaces could be better for employees with disability

If you’re living with or you’ve experienced disability, we’re inviting you to share what you think employers should know about you and your ability to work.

Our #DearFutureBoss campaign wants as many people as possible to share their thoughts on what a great workplace would be for them.

At APM we believe everyone should be able to enjoy good work.

And we want employers and businesses to realise the benefits of hiring of people with an injury, illness or disability and see how easy it is to accommodate employees with different needs

Its time for a change

Share your #DearFutureBoss message 

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Post your message to Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn with the hashtag #DearFutureBoss.

  • You can write your message in a post or as a text image
  • You can film a short video where you tell us your message in 60 seconds or less
  • Or you can write it out and post photos of your message

Remember to tag APM too! You can find us on:

If you want to join the campaign but don’t have a social media account, email your message to futureboss@apm.net.au and we’ll share it on APM’s social pages.

What will you write?

Maybe you’ve felt ignored by employers because of your disability or health condition, or experienced hiring policies that made it difficult to secure a job.

You may have been in a job where different tools, equipment or software would have helped you to perform a lot better.

Or perhaps you think training for all staff on how to better understand colleagues, clients and customers with disability is needed in a future workplace.

Whatever your experience in searching for work or maintaining employment, we want to see your suggestions about making workplaces more inclusive, accessible and productive for people with disability.

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A dream for the ideal workplace

#DearFutureBoss aims to:

  • Showcase the talents and abilities of people with disability in the workplace
  • Dispel the myths around the hiring of people with disability
  • Encourage employers to make their organisations more inclusive

APM Ambassador and Australian Paralympian Ellie Cole has launched the campaign with her own #DearFutureBoss message.

Injury, illness or disability and looking for work?

If you’re living with an injury, illness or disability and want to work, see if you’re eligible for one of our free APM Employment Services programs.

You can also access useful resources and information to support you through our job seeker platform Employable Me.

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Guide to disability inclusion

Supporting people with disability

If you’re an employer, you can access a range of resources to see how inclusive your business is when hiring and supporting people with disability.

Download APM’s Disability Inclusion Guide to see how you can ensure you and your workplace is an inclusive and thriving environment for all employees.