Why transferable skills are important to employers

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Employers don’t only look for technical skills that you have, but they also look for other skills that will ensure that you can succeed in a job. Potential employers want to know if you can work in a team, are approachable, organised, motivated, dependable, and will contribute to the workplace. Many interview questions will focus on these transferable skills.

Here are some transferable skills and why an employer might be interested in them:

Teamwork skills

Teamwork is working generally with others within the workplace or working more specifically with a group on a project. Working effectively in teams demonstrates that you can communicate, listen, and understand the needs of others. Successful teams can lead to positive outcomes for employers.

Communication skills

Communications skills range from written, verbal, and body language to listening skills. People who communicate effectively work well with others. As an employee you may need to work with customers or clients. Being able to listen, write emails, and speak politely and effectively will ensure a positive customer experience.

Digital and technology skills

Most jobs require you to work with some sort of technology, tools, or software. As technology is continually changing, it is valuable to an employer that you can learn how to use new technology quickly.

Organisational skills

Organisational skills show that you can manage your time and resources to complete tasks. Being organised shows that you are committed to a job, will turn up to work on time, remember tasks, and approach your work in a professional manner.

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