Top 3 benefits of work for people with a back injury or spinal disorder

Man with back injury starts new job through Disability Employment Services

If you are living with a back injury or spinal disorder you might have considered that employment is not possible.

Depending on the type of health condition or injury you have, it’s true there may be jobs you would find difficult.

Many people with spine disorders may obviously struggle with performing physical work.

While others find a job with a lack of movement or mobility challenging due to their back condition.

Overlooked for roles

Perhaps you’ve applied for jobs and felt employers only saw an injury, illness or disability and won’t consider hiring you because of it.

You may also feel potential employers wouldn’t be willing to provide an accessible workplace or make necessary accommodations to assist you in performing a particular well in a role.

Many people with a spinal disorder who have succeeded with APM Employment Services tell our consultants they presume employers think it’s easier to hire someone else.

Disability Employment Services from APM not only has access to employers who are inclusive and provide fully accessible workplaces, they can also help you find a job suitable to your health and working capacity.

Plus, no matter what your particular requirements are because of your injury, illness or disability, there are many benefits to being employed.

There are many benefits of work for people with back injuries

Here are 3 top benefits of work people with a back injury or spinal disorder have experienced...

1. Financial benefits

It sounds obvious, but that’s because it’s a simple truth with employment.

Once you have a job and earn money, you’ll have more opportunities to acquire the things you want or need – including things to improve your comfort and quality of your life, greater independence, and access to better physical health.

With better finances, you’ll also be able to improve your housing or accommodation arrangements or improve family situations.

2. Emotional wellbeing

If you have a spinal disorder, your physical comfort and wellness might be compromised. Especially if you’re regularly managing restrictions with movement and physical pain.

For this reason, taking steps to maintain your emotional health and a positive mindset is important for your general wellbeing.

Having a job can definitely help. Employment creates an opportunity for you to focus on your capabilities and what you CAN do.

This gives us a sense of independence, pride and accomplishment – which all adds to a healthier mindset.

We’ve seen first-hand how this helps people like you to wake up feeling happier and encouraged about your day ahead.

The fulfilment in knowing you are helping others and finishing a day’s work can bring a real sense of achievement that builds up your confidence and sense of self-worth.

Finding a job can also improve your social life and provide the opportunity to be part of team, make new friends, and engage in work-place activities and events.

3. Improve your skills and knowledge

If you have a back injury or spinal disorder, there are jobs out there for you that allow you to use your previous experience.

However, there’s no reason why with the help of Disability Employment Services, you can’t consider learning new skills and try adapting into a new line of work.

Wherever you’re at in your career, working with an employment consultant to find a job can lead to reaching your career goals.

Whether that’s a role where you are making a difference in your community, becoming more senior or expert in your field, or simply just finding a rewarding and enjoyable workplace.

See how Jeff overcame a serious back injury to find a new career...

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If you want to work, Disability Employment Services with APM can help you.

There are jobs out there for people with various health conditions and disability, including back injury and spinal disorders.

Finding a job that works for you is the service an employment consultant provides.