A motorcycle master in the making

  • Jamie overcame long-term employment to regain his confidence and a brand-new job
  • After a successful interview with Monaro Motorcycles, Jamie now spends his days assembling motorcycles, ATVs and quad bikes

Jamie was experiencing an incredibly difficult period in his life when he first approached the APM Cooma team.

At the time he was experiencing long-term unemployment and decided to reach out for support to find work.

His APM employment consultant Michelle could see this had hugely affected his confidence.

Jamie received support from APM Employment Services, which helps people manage the impact of long-term unemployment, mental health conditions, injury, illness or disability, to find a meaningful job.

APM helps participants through the job seeking process, from searching and applying for work, preparation for work, job placement and post-placement support.

With funding from APM, Jamie achieved his white card training and Michelle supported him through all his assessments.

She got to know Jamie’s interests and strengths, provided motivational coaching and empowered Jamie to shift his mindset.

Together they developed a strong resume and cover letter and searched for jobs that met his strong interest and passion for mechanics and motorcycles.

When the team at Monaro Motorcycles received Jamie’s resume, they were eager to meet him.

Michelle arranged a meeting and helped Jamie access funds to buy some smart clothes for his job interview.

She also briefed the employer on how they could reduce hiring costs through wage subsidies and other benefits available when employing people through APM.

The interview was a great success and Jamie began his new role a short time later, assembling motorcycles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and quad bikes.

Jamie said he is especially enjoying his financial freedom and greater independence since he began earning a wage again.

He has since progressed to full-time hours and says he now looks forward to going to work every day.

Injury, illness or disability and need a job?

You could be eligible for help in finding a suitable job from APM Employment Services, just like Jamie.

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Looking for staff?

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If you’re an employer, you could access wage subsidies and funds for training and workplace modifications when hiring a person with disability for full or part-time work.

Plus, you will be enhancing the diversity of your business while making a real positive difference in a person’s life.

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