Ben now enjoys getting up every morning

Ben in a mechanical workshop working on an engine

Ben’s story shows it is possible, even in a rural area, amidst a global pandemic it is possible to find a supportive workplace

Ben lives in Mansfield, less than three hours north of Melbourne, at the base of the Victorian Alps.

Finding a job can be a challenge but Ben was determined to not be limited by his circumstances.

Ben was supported on his journey by the Disability Employment Services team at APM.

When he met his dedicated Employment Consultant Janelle for the first time, she was taken by his incredible positive attitude, great sense of humour and desire to find employment.

Ben’s main health issues reduce his mobility and requires ongoing treatment for which he attends regular physiotherapy. Ben also lives with intellectual disability.

Together with Ben’s family and wonderful support worker, APM worked with Ben to find a job with a supportive employer.

Ben absolutely loves cars, bikes and anything mechanical. He had secured a position with a local car dealership – however this sadly fell through as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Due to Ben being in a high-risk category he isolated for some months. This extended period of isolation affected his physical and mental health.

Undeterred, Janelle was able to help Ben find a job at a local mechanical workshop. This role required minimal interaction with the general public, which reduced the risk for Ben.

Since then, not only has Ben been impressing his employers with his positive attitude and work ethic – his physical and mental health has improved.

Ben on hisfirst day of work, standing in his work uniform, smiling

“Since having this job, Benjamin's physical and mental state has improved so much” said his Mum, Julie “he works with an amazing employer two days a week and loves his job, he is learning new amazing skills.”

His employer Scott shares this sentiment: “Ben has been a part of our team at High Country Mechanical for a brief period and he has been a motivated participant. His smile and zest for life is infectious and he is keen to try his hand at any new skill asked of him.”

“Though the mechanical tasks available are limited some days, he still involves himself in other day-to-day operations where possible. We have noticed an increase in his mood as each week goes by and his motivation in his approach to life is also growing.” he added

His Employment Consultant Janelle reflects fondly on her experience with Ben “He and his wonderful Mum, Julie, have had a long hard road throughout his life. Ben’s employment and story encompasses everything that APM represents.”

The positive changes in Ben haven’t been just been limited to his wellbeing, he’s adeptly learning more and more.

“Ben’s boss has an amazing amount of patience with him and his wonderful carer. Benjamin has already learnt and retained quite a bit of knowledge” Julie said “he now enjoys getting up every morning. He finally feels happy and fits in somewhere.”

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