Corylee achieves great things

Corylee holding his L plates with a large smile on his face

When some people are told “no” – they find a way to turn it into a “yes”. Just like Corylee did.

Corylee came to his local APM office in Glenorchy as a volunteer seeking assistance to find work.

Glenorchy is one of many stunning cities in Tasmania, less than 30 minutes north of Hobart. Cory had previously spent six months working with a local butcher for eight hours per week. Although that work did not continue, Cory wanted to continue in the meat industry.

Cory had the support of all the team at APM Glenorchy and everyone was doing their part to find Cory a supportive employer who was willing to take him on.

“I was really nervous about starting” Cory said “all the people at APM helped me and said nice things to help me feel excited.”

In February 2019 a work trial was set for Trendy Cuts Newtown, a popular Hobart butcher. Cory was nervous going into his trial, he was reminded that this employer was very supportive and happy to work with him.

He enjoyed his first day and his employer called to offer him two days per week of ongoing employment!

His new colleagues loved having him around and this was further evidenced by the cheeky grin on Cory’s face when visiting him in the workplace.

However, this is not the only happy outcome for him. Another huge achievement wasn’t far away!

Getting his L plates

As Cory continued in his employment it became evident that it would be beneficial for Cory to have his driver’s license.

Cory had been informed previously that due to his intellectual disability he would never be able to drive.

The APM Glenorchy team felt Cory was more than capable and made it a priority to prove this wrong and show Cory he was capable of getting his license.

APM did some investigations and found that Cory was able to get his L’s with support from the local library.

Cory was consistently reminded that he was able to get his license and to not give up.

As the weeks turned to months Cory has reached constant milestones at 4 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks and in February 2020 Cory reached one year at Trendy Cuts.

In early June Cory walked into the Glenorchy office with the biggest smile on his face waving his “L” plate! Cory had achieved what he never thought possible.

Not only did he achieve twelve months of employment, he was successful in obtaining his Learners Permit after being told no so many times.

Today, Cory is still going strong. His resilience has helped him grow and thrive into a confident and happier young man.

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