Jake does the heavy lifting

Jake stands in his hi-vis work uniform next to his boss and his APM consultant

“Don’t think you could have picked a better candidate for us”

…was the feedback from Perth City Cranes about Jake.

It’s hard to believe seven labour hire agencies were unable to find Jake a long-term placement, despite him enthusiastically seeking employment. He’d just completed two weeks of paid concreting work.

“I was so keen to get a job” Jake said “I enjoyed the word I’d done, but wanted to stay somewhere for longer.”

Jake was able to find employment through APM’s jobactive program, with the help of his Employee Account Manager Austin.

A unique opportunity presented to place an indigenous candidate in a Crane Operator Traineeship position at Perth City Cranes who do a lot of work for home building companies.

After a few phone calls and a bit of a search, Austin contacted Jake to come into the APM Morley office to learn more about the position.

Jake came to the APM office in the eastern Perth suburb of Morley. Jake came fully prepared, extremely well presented and with his portfolio of certificates and his resume.

It was immediately clear that he would be a good fit for this position.

Austin took Jake to meet with the owners, and for Jake to see first-hand the Cranes he could potentially be working with.

That afternoon, Austin contacted Site Skills Manager Andrew Helene to see if Jake could be booked into a Dogging Course which was a four-day course and a requirement for the position.

Jake was booked in for the following week and attended the course but became nervous he wouldn’t pass one of the written tests.

To give Jake that extra support, Aboriginal Liaison Officer at Site Skills Justine Bennell was contacted, she then made phone calls to the Trainer and Jake to arrange a meeting for the following morning to ease his concerns prior to the testing.

Jake sat the test and called Austin afterwards to say he passed!

At the start of the following week, Jake signed his paperwork for his Traineeship and commenced the following day.

After just a few days in his new Jake received a glowing report in his new job and the feedback received from the team at Perth City Cranes was: “Wow, this kid is operating a crane already and don’t think you could have picked a better candidate for us at Perth City Cranes.”

Their incredible feedback continued:

“We love him, and the senior Crane operators are taking him out regularly. Jake is keen and eager to learn and it’s exciting to have him on board” his employers said.

"I really enjoy going to work" Jake said "I'm excited for the future."

After so much persistence, Jake has found a place where he is engaged, appreciated and thrives.

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