jobactive has now ended
– but we’re still here for you

Head to our Workforce Australia page for everything you need to
know about the new services to help you find lasting employment.

jobactive is funded by the Australian Government to help people find real and sustainable jobs

If you're a job seeker registered with our jobactive service, you can get the skills and knowledge to:

  • Write a resume
  • Look for work
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Meet the needs of local employers
  • Find and keep a job

If you receive income support payments, such as Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or Parenting Payment, you can apply to join APM's jobactive service.

The level of support you receive in the service depends on your circumstances. Our teams are dedicated to getting you into work as soon as possible, whatever your circumstances may be.

If you’re unemployed and not receiving support payments or studying, you may still be able to access jobactive.

Let us work with you to find the employment solution that gets you moving towards your life goals.

Please note: On July 1, 2022, jobactive changed to Workforce Australia.

Learn more about APM's services for job seekers

Searching for work?

We work with local employers across Australia who are looking for staff just like you. We know what employers are looking for and we can help prepare you for your new job.

APM and Centrelink

APM works with Centrelink and the Australian government to help connect you with social services, financial support, and assistance to find a job.

Register with APM

Take the first step to finding your next job and register with APM. We'll work with you to find the right employment solution so you can achieve your goals.

How we help find the job you need

APM's employment consultants know the job market in your local area

When you come to your local APM office, you’ll meet your friendly, experienced APM employment consultant who is dedicated to you and your job search.

They know where the jobs are and will talk you through how you can identify the best jobs for you to apply for, and match you to local employers.

Your dedicated APM consultant will arrange to meet you face-to-face, get to know you, and create a job plan that’s right for you. This plan may include:

  • Practical help to find, apply and interview for a suitable job
  • Guidance on what roles are in demand and how to approach employers
  • Referrals to jobs in the local area
  • Help to relocate for work if you are interested
  • Access to an interpreter if required

Your employment consultant can also help you participate in other activities that can help boost your chances of getting a job. This includes Work for the Dole, work experience and job placement opportunities.

I've just lost my job, what should I do next?

APM can help you quickly reconnect to employment opportunities and get back to work.

Your APM employment consultant will assess your circumstances in detail.

If you want to work, we’re committed to helping you re-enter the workforce as soon as possible.

We will help you search and apply for a new job and provide you information about the latest positions near you.

We’ll give you the information you need about opportunities in your area and how best to apply for them.

If your job search is impacted by an injury, illness or disability, you could be eligible for more specialised support from our Disability Employment Services team.

Your employment consultant will speak to you about other services that can support you in finding in you a meaningful job.

Want to get back to work? We’re here to help.

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