Robert strikes gold with Dubbo Tenpin Bowl

  • After a couple of short-term placements, APM Employment Services supported Robert to find long-term employment
  • Over the last year Robert has gone from working 15 hours to full-time hours

Robert has the support of his workplace and his customers.

Robert has a long-term relationship with the team at APM Orana (NSW), working towards his employment goals.

The short-term roles Robert had secured in the past couldn’t provide him with enough hours for his benchmark.

APM Orana supported Robert through the Disability Employment Services program.

Robert was eager to prove to himself and his family that he would be able to find employment that he was interested in and that would eventually lead to him being able to purchase a better car for himself.

An interview at Dubbo Tenpin Bowl in late January 2021 led to Robert being offered a position as a general hand/bowling assistant. APM negotiated a wage subsidy for his employer and Robert was able to reach his benchmark of 15 hours a week.

“In Robert’s first six months of employment, he consistently worked over 20 hours a week. He was able to learn the basics of machine maintenance and cleaning duties, which he thoroughly enjoyed” APM Business Manager Cindy said.

“His employer also worked with Robert, placing sticky notes around the venue to assist him remembering tasks and the process to undertake them.”

“I love my new job, but yes sometimes it takes me a while to comprehend what my fellow supervisors and boss are trying to teach me. I truly thank them for being so patient with me because I know how frustrating I can be, sometimes I lack focus and concentration when being taught new things” Robert said.

Robert attended further training sessions in Orange over a two-week period in which APM were able to support him by paying for his accommodation.

Robert’s learning difficulties require more repetitive training so he can retain information, so the employer suggested more one-on-one training in safety and procedures.

Over the past 6 months, Robert has further progressed his skills. He works full-time hours and continues to learn something new every week.

“I owe a lot to my work placement team at APM in Dubbo from the Business Manager to my Employment Consultants who gave me the opportunity to find a job I truly enjoy. They were also a great help in assisting my employer and myself with job subsidies to enable me to attend on the job training trips to the head office in Orange” Robert said.

Robert was always questioning if he was good enough for his role, but after working closely with the employer he came to understand that he was doing fine, and he loves his job.

In February this year, Robert reached his milestone of 52-weeks employed. He is very proud of his achievements and is looking forward to the next 12-months working with the team at Dubbo Tenpin Bowl.

Robert reflects happily on his first year at the bowling centre “I have learnt so many lifelong skills” he said.

“It has made me more eager to take in as much as I can from the company’s experienced supervisors, managers, head techs and owners.”

“Whether it be from the counter staff to the backend maintenance crew or the boss. I have never stopped learning and I hope I will be around for a lot longer as the staff and loyal weekly customers are so friendly.”

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