Superstar Zoe celebrates employment milestone with IGA

IGA Supervisor Belinda, participant Zoe and Supervisor De

Pictured (L to R): IGA supervisor Belinda, participant Zoe and supervisor De

  • Zoe had no work history following her recent recovery from a traumatic brain injury.
  • Support from APM Employment Services helped facilitate Zoe's transition to full independence.

After recovering from a traumatic brain injury, 21-year-old Zoe reached out to her local APM office in Burnie, Tasmania.

Initially quite nervous, she often relied heavily on support workers to speak on her behalf during appointments.

APM employment consultant Rachel focused on building strong rapport with Zoe, encouraging her to share her goals and aspirations for the future.

Zoe had no previous work history and was not confident she would ever be able to enter the workforce.

She was eligible for support through the Disability Employment Services program, part of APM Employment Services.

Rachel set up an Employable Me profile for Zoe, which offered various communication and language resources.

They worked through the modules together, nurturing Zoe’s ability to effectively express herself and communicate confidently by herself.

When Zoe expressed a desire to work in a retail environment, Rachel scouted the area and decided to approach a local IGA supermarket.

She met with the owner, briefing them on how they could reduce hiring costs through wage subsidies and other benefits available when employing people through APM.

They worked to create a customised role for Zoe that would not involve serving customers.

After attending an interview, so Zoe and the employer could meet - she was offered the part-time role.

Tasked with sweeping floors, unpacking stock and bagging sweets, Zoe’s role at the supermarket quickly worked wonders for her confidence.

Rachel maintained consistent interaction with Zoe’s supervisors, seeking feedback once a month to ensure Zoe’s successful transition to full independence.

Support workers would often drive Zoe to shifts, but they were not always available.

Rachel assisted Zoe to map out a safe, fast walking route that she could use whenever support workers were unavailable.

Rachel also ensured Zoe knew she was available to call if her job ever caused feelings of anxiety or became overwhelming.

Zoe recently celebrated 52 weeks of employment and has become confident in making decisions regarding her employment.

Supervisor Belinda frequently praises Zoe’s remarkable transformation.

“Zoe has changed so much since she started here,” Belinda said.

“We love having her here, she is always so happy.” Zoe’s newfound confidence has also had a positive impact on her personal life.

She recently took her first holiday with a friend without a support worker for eight days.

Zoe was very proud of her achievement and is looking forward to planning her next trip away.

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