Support helps Iefata strait into new role

Tara, Ietfata and Rebecca standing together in front of the APM office

Pictured (L to R): Tara, Iefata and Rebecca

  • Iefata’s skills from previous work experience have proved valuable in helping him achieve secure work.
  • Support from Disability Employment Services program and APM Devonport gave him the confidence to embrace a new experience.

After finishing a period of seasonal work in June last year, Iefata had to search for work again.

With English as his second language, he experienced communication barriers, which made his search for work a challenge at times.

Despite his challenges, he was still motivated to find work as soon as possible.

He reached out to the APM team in Devonport, located on Tasmania’s central north coast.

Iefata explained to his APM Employment Consultant Tara that he enjoyed keeping his mind busy and meeting new people.

Since he finished his previous role, Iefata found that not having a reason to get out of the house was affecting his mental health.

Through the Disability Employment Services program, Tara immediately began reverse marketing him to suitable employers in the area.

Tara leaned on her team during this time, requesting their assistance in devising marketing strategies and employment opportunities for him.

Employer Account Manager Rebecca jumped on board to assist, working with Tara to find the right fit for Iefata.

Drawing on his previous experience working in abattoirs, Rebecca found a local employer who needed a new team member to fillet fish out the back of the store.

She was able to set up a meeting with seafood company Strait off the Boat.

Although Iefata felt nervous, having never filleted fish before, he was eager to forge ahead with the interview and give any new experience a go.

After meeting the employer, Iefata was offered the role and invited to commence employment the following week.

APM offered the employer a wage subsidy and supplied Iefata with suitable workwear, footwear, a filleting glove and fuel cards.

As well as keeping the back of the store clean and organised, Iefata has even been interacting with customers at the front of the store, which is something he never thought he would be able to do.

Iefata has now reached 20 weeks of employment, continuing to build on his filleting and battering skills every day.

Iefata has immense gratitude for the assistance he has received from APM Devonport.

“Thank you so much,” Iefata said.

“I really enjoy having a job to go to. I feel I don’t ever want to leave there.”

When asked if he would share his story, Iefata said, “If it will help someone else get a job, I will do it.”

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