Customer focus helps Anita overcome experience barriers

Anita and Harpreet standing together in front of the APM Burwood office

Anita and her partner left Malaysia wanting to start afresh in Australia in 2019.

Having experienced discrimination, she successfully applied for a Protection Visa and was enthusiastic to start building their new life together.

In March 2019 Anita initially approached APM Burwood, located less than an hour east of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

One of Anita’s barriers was that she didn’t have a lot of employment experience, but her Employment Consultant Harpreet was ready to help!

“Anita had experienced a lot of challenges; her positive attitude is a testament to her” Harpreet said. “She was so enthusiastic to start a new life in Australia.”

Harpreet and Anita began by working on her cover letter and resume. Once these were ready, they began their job hunt.

It didn’t take long for Anita to get accepted into Cabin Services Australia’s Pre-Employment Program. Here, she briefly held a role as a cleaner at the Domestic Airport.

Despite experiencing several setbacks, Anita remained hopeful of finding a supportive and understanding workplace.

Anita also experienced communication barriers stemming from language differences, as she was from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background.

Harpreet did not lose hope and continued to support Anita, and reverse market her to many different roles in different industries, including cleaning, warehouse and packing positions.

When Anita secured an interview with Synergy Food Group, Harpreet was very supportive – sharing how motivated she was and her positive attitude.

Synergy agreed on a paid work trial for Anita and after only an hour of her being there, they called Harpreet telling her they had seen how fantastic she was in her role and had offered Anita a job!

Synergy Food Group have advised APM how happy they are with Anita. With feedback praising her for being “humble and hard-working”, her ability to follow instructions and her “fantastic attitude towards her job.”

Anita and her partner are now well on their way to a bright future in their adopted country, with continuing support from Harpreet and APM!

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