Workforce Australia Online

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From 4 July 2022, Workforce Australia Online lets you take control of your employment pathway

The new online platform means you can self-manage your job search and reporting requirements.

The first thing you’ll notice about jobactive being replaced by Workforce Australia is that there are two levels of support.

If you’re job-ready, Workforce Australia Online is an online service that lets you self-manage your job search, record mutual obligations for income support, and enrol in programs to help you increase your skills.

If you need more support to be job-ready, then a Workforce Australia Services provider, such as APM Employment Services, can tailor your support and help you find work.

Essentially, Workforce Australia Online provides online employment digital services with many tools and functions to make it easier for you to find and keep a job.

These include:

  • Job boards with skills matching
  • Links to training and support programs
  • Resume tools
  • Online learning and career guidance
  • Useful information and dashboards
  • Support from the dedicated Digital Services Contact Centre

Access the tools, training and assistance to find your next job

Just because the online services are for job-ready individuals, it doesn’t mean you can’t still improve your readiness for work and improve your chances of finding that new job you’ve been looking for.

On top of the tools and functions, Workforce Australia Online platform for individuals gives you access to pre-employment pathways, including:

Employability Skills Training - You can build employability skills and digital proficiency and improve your job search skills and train for specific job roles.

Career Transition Assistance - If you’re 45 or over, you can build your skills and confidence to become more competitive in your local labour market.

Use the platform to meet your mutual obligation requirements

Another feature of the online service is the ability to record and report the tasks and activities you complete every month, as part of your mutual obligation requirements, to get your income support payments.

Under the new Points Based Activation System (PBAS), you earn points by completing job searches, interviews, paid work, or education and training.

The points can be up to 100 with a minimum of five job searches, but these targets can be tailored to you based on your individual circumstances.

Find out more about the Points Based Activation System.

Need more help to find a job?

If you’re claiming income support with mutual obligations and you need or would like personalised support to find a job, you can request to join a Workforce Australia Services provider.

Contact the Digital Services Contact Centre and they will help connect you with APM Employment Services or another provider in your local area.

Some specialist providers, including APM Employment Services, deliver personalised services in certain locations to culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) and Indigenous Australians.

You’ll be able to access these services if you’re eligible and in these locations.

Contact the Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677 or email