Workforce Australia - What to expect transcript

Faye: When you're referred to APM for Workforce Australia, you can expect to get quality one-on-one support into employment.

Austin: When participants come to APM, they can expect a full wraparound service, where we're going to really think outside the box, be innovative and find ways to see where their interests are, how we can move them forward into progression or employment.

Sue: When you refer to our program, we'll sit with you, we'll do an initial assessment and we'll work out what your career goals are by doing quizzes or vocational assessments. We'll find out what areas you're looking for and we'll tailor the program to suit your needs.

Austin: There's also industry specific programs where you can come and train, up skill with a view of going straight into that line of employment.

Faye: We get to know what job seekers need, and we tailor a job or tailor a pathway for them into employment. It's not about square pegs and round holes at APM. It's about finding the right job for a job seeker so that they can then support themselves and gain some independence.