Kylie and MyIntegra transcript

Kylie: Hi, I'm Kylie, and I'm a participant of NDIS.

Karisha: My name is Karisha, and I'm a support coordinator at MyIntegra.

Kylie: My support coordinator, Karisha, has helped me with phone calls, appointments, and dropping off shopping to my house. She's such a caring person.

Karisha: My experience comes from me being a nurse for the last 10 years, and also studying in the field of disability, and I believe that's where I truly found my passion.

Kylie: I think it does help my confidence that I have Karisha as my support coordinator, because, one, she makes me feel are comfortable, and, two, I feel good, because I'm being listened to, and understand, and not judged.

Karisha: Everyone who has a disability has different needs. The NDIS tailors a plan to support the participant to achieve their goals.

Kylie: The NDIS has helped me with psychologists, exercise physiologists. It's a road to recovery of all the supports that I need for my health.

Karisha: Not only does the NDIS provide the participant with a sense of community, it also helps them with support within their choice and control.

Kylie: Now I feel like I've got the support that I need with the NDIS.