Suzanna and MCI Institute transcript

Suzanna: My name is Suzanna. I am an executive assistant to a CEO property developer in Sydney. I completed a Certificate III in Business Administration with MCI, and I'm currently completing a Certificate IV in Business Administration with the MCI Institute. The impact this course has had on my life has been huge. My income has doubled, and I'm in a better financial position, so it's made my life easier. I've also gained confidence from learning the skills that I have while completing the course, and I'm able to do my role really well.

Emma: I've really enjoyed being Suzanna's mentor. She did a Cert III with us, and then she's now doing a Cert IV with us, which she's nearly complete. It's just been an absolute delight to work with her and just seeing her flourish and her confidence grow.

Suzanna: I find my mentor, Emma, really valuable. She's been a great support to me and coached me through the last two and a half years, which have been really difficult at times. And also, the skills that I've learned while doing my studies, the assessments that I've had to complete have really helped me get to where I am in my career. I couldn't have done it without her. I couldn't have achieved what I have in the short amount of time that I did without her. It was a great experience, and she continually supported me and coached me through some really difficult times.

Emma: I enjoy working at MCI and being a mentor to students as it's really so exciting to see students develop and grow both within their studies and also in their professional lives and careers. When I'm working with students, I'm really open with them, not just providing academic support. I like to hear a bit about what's going on with them and help them with wellness support when they need it and help them set goals. Studying online can present challenges. People are often isolated, and that's one of the things that we, mentors are here to make sure that they feel supported.

Suzanna: Because I live a very busy life and I work full-time and I'm a mom, so being able to do everything online made it a lot easier, and I've been able to complete my assessments and the courses that I'm studying because I can do it at any time and any hour.

Emma: Whatever stage students are at in their career, as mentors, we're here to tailor our approach to suit their needs. So it's really a big part of being a mentor is assessing where they're at and ensuring that we can meet those needs for them and support them.

Suzanna: I would recommend MCI online study to anyone who wants to progress in their career while living a busy lifestyle.

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