The Body Shop on hiring with Ingeus transcript

Antonia Tony-Fadipe: Open Hiring is an inclusive hiring model and it's our way at The Body Shop of changing lives and through it, the first person to apply is the first person to get offered the opportunity. And we don't sift CVs, we don't do interviews, we just ask three questions, and so long as you say yes to all three questions, and are willing to work, then the opportunity is offered to you.

Antonia Tony-Fadipe: Ingeus support The Body Shop in delivering open hiring by providing candidates to us. What they're really good at is allowing us to access a talent pool that we may not reach normally through our traditional recruitment.

Martina Grbac: Before started working for The Body Shop, I was unemployed and I did struggle with finding work, and because I have a young child and I needed a flexible employment. My Restart Advisor was very supportive. She helped me to apply for loads of jobs. Even though I do have retail experience, not all the retailers are always as flexible. After I attended the Open Hire, I got a job after a couple of weeks.

Jenny La Rocque: The Research Scheme is an employability program commissioned by DWP to support people on out work benefits. We provide interview skills, we provide CV writing skills for them. We've also got a stream of trained coaches who can provide employability type soft skill training as well. Each individual is assessed based on their own individual needs, and that's very important.

Amie Barrow-Deen: I stayed home for 11 years, looking after the children. It was difficult to find a job suitable for me and my family. Restart Scheme helped me to go back to work. They did the fantastic job. They give you courage that they are with you and they stay. They'll go step by step with you, and indeed they did. In six months for me, after 11 years, I'm back on my feet. That's fantastic for me and my family and everyone can see that smile on me. Thank you.

Shewa Khoram: I would absolutely recommend open hiring procedures to get candidates in and they've been so fantastic. We're really impressed with them. It keeps the team really inclusive, it keeps the team really diverse and we love to see it. It really represents our brand.