Workforce Australia for CaLD participants transcript

Austin: We look forward to welcoming culturally and linguistic diverse job seekers to walk through the doors at APM and feel safe and supported. Whether that's the English speaking barriers, or that's to help them achieve goals and dreams. Whether that's finding employment, going to some training and upskilling, we want to walk that journey along with them and make it happen.

When participants come to APM, they can expect a full wraparound service, where we're going to really think outside the box, be innovative and find ways to see where their interests are, how we can move them forward into progression or employment. It's just about giving people a chance. So whether they've never worked before, long-term unemployed trying to get back into the workforce, it's really just getting to know them, finding out their transferable skills and what they're good at, and making them believe and instilling some confidence that they can actually go out and achieve whatever they actually want to, and us walking alongside them to help them.