APM recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Australians

We acknowledge the special relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with their traditional lands and waters, as well as their unique history and diverse culture, customs and circumstances.

APM’s vision for reconciliation is to work with and contribute to positive and lasting changes in the life circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2011, APM started our journey to reconciliation with our first Reconciliation Action Plan.

It formalised APM's commitment to our vision for reconciliation and provided structure for the steps to change our policies and practices, better supporting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and clients.

By creating employment opportunities, showing respect and developing relationships, APM hopes to contribute to closing the unacceptable gap that exists between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the wider Australian community.

Our second Reconciliation Action Plan was endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and started in 2014.

Our current plan was launched on August 2, 2017, by Australia's Minister for Indigenous Health Hon. Ken Wyatt, with representatives from our Indigenous staff and Indigenous organisations working with us to improve the opportunities for our Indigenous clients.

The plan identifies increasing strategies to engage with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, clients and local communities to build relationships and culturally appropriate services.

This includes the establishment of our ‘Yarning Circle’ which is a professional peer group/network of APM’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members who meet monthly (by phone/Skype) to support each other, share ideas and participate in professional education discussions.

Our reconciliation commitments

Our teams currently provide services to more than 4,500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people per year

We are committed to helping all our clients achieve their personal and work-related goals and support our staff to build effective working relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations.

We strongly believe creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly employment opportunities, is in the best interest of our clients, staff and communities and therefore our business.

Another focus area of the Reconciliation Action Plan is to create a workplace and deliver services that respect and value the histories, cultures and perspectives of Indigenous communities.

We value the unique skills, experience and knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people contribute to our organisation and as an employment services and vocational rehabilitation provider, we believe in a “work first” approach.

To ensure we maintain our commitment and services, this Reconciliation Action Plan will be reviewed and updated every two years. Our next plan is due to be developed in 2019.


Behind APM’s unique reconciliation artwork

Kirsty Nathan, an artist and Youth Worker in Mount Isa, created two inspirational paintings for APM ahead of Reconciliation Week.

The stars and space in her art represent the never-ending circle of reconciliation.

Kirsty, pictured right, said the light of the stars in her paintings also represent the next generation of people who need to continue to come together in reconciliation.

She described the painting of the Brolgas as a totem for her mother, a member of the Pitta-Pitta People.

The two birds inspired Kirsty as a symbol reconciliation because when you look at a pair of Brolgas they move together and are often thought to be one.

Kirsty has been selling indigenous art since she was 14 years old and recently set up her own company Red Clover Custom Arts.

The artwork was purchased by APM and can be viewed in the APM head office in West Perth.

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