APM operates in the human services industry and provides essential services on behalf of governments and the private sector across employment, health and wellbeing, communities and assessment services, and disability and aged care support.

Government policy increasingly recognises the growing need to support vulnerable and/or disadvantaged populations, including people with disability and the aged.

APM operates in 11 countries being Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland.

Find out more about the services and brands we operate in each global region below.

Key services

APM's key services in a coloured table

Employment Services

Employment services are services that support job seekers to find sustainable employment and employers to fill vacant positions.

Employment services are delivered through various employment programs or schemes, which are typically funded by government agencies and departments and delivered by third party service providers. APM’s largest service category is employment services.

Employment services include activities such as job search assistance, interview preparation, resumé writing, training in specific job skills, and broader support for job seekers to become ‘job ready’.

For individuals who secure a job placement, ongoing support is typically available with services including on-the-job training, communicating with employers and co-workers, and assisting with the organisation of workplace modifications.

Increasing the ability for job seekers to participate in the labour market provides financial and non-financial benefits to governments, employers, and job seekers, including:

  • increased social participation and economic contribution
  • reduced spend on welfare programs and government budgets
  • increased GDP
  • greater supply of labour for employers
  • improved standard of living, greater financial security, social inclusion, and mental health benefits for employees

Health and wellbeing

Supporting individuals of all ages with physical, developmental, social, or emotional impairment to participate to their optimum capacity in everyday activities of life.

Delivery of government, insurance and corporate health programs focussed on prevention, rehabilitation (medical, psycho-social and vocational), allied health and psychological intervention services.

APM’s multidisciplinary teams also offer health and wellbeing services, workplace support and education and training programs.

Early Start Australia provides early intervention and therapy services for children and young people to optimise their development and achieve their potential. Services are delivered to develop physical, language, cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional skills and are either privately and/or health insurance funded or through Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

APM’s Health and Wellbeing business operates in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada, with additional psychology services delivered by supply chain partners globally.

Communities and Assessment

Delivering a comprehensive range of assessment services and community-based programs across the lifespan from early childhood and adolescence, through the working years to older age.

Assessment services are delivered on behalf of individuals, governments, insurance companies, and corporates.

These include the assessment of an individual’s: early childhood development; injury, illness, impairment or disability; functional and work capacity; workplace modifications, wage subsidy and ongoing support requirements.

APM also provides assessment of eligibility and community support requirements for those living with disadvantage, disability and/or old age.

APM delivers community-based programs tailored to an individual’s capabilities and needs, focusing on some of the most vulnerable members of the community, such as services for the justice and youth sectors.

Community-based practice allows for APM consultants to work with clients and other stakeholders such as families, schools, employers, agencies, service providers and others who may influence the degree of success the client will have in achieving their participation goals.

Programs are strengths-based with the goal of increasing an individual’s independence and resilience and optimising community participation and quality of life, relative to their age and stage of life.

APM’s Communities and Assessment business operates in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

Disability and Aged Care Support Services

MyIntegra and Mobility will expand APM’s offerings to include a range of disability and aged care support services.

MyIntegra provides plan management and support coordination for NDIS participants.

Mobility is a marketplace for on-demand home care services connecting service providers with participants of both the NDIS and Aged Care sectors.

APM’s Disability and Aged Care Support Services business operates in Australia.

Key brands


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