Andrea, David and Ingeus UK

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Improving life with diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis is life-changing for many people in the UK each year.

David and his wife Andrea engaged with Ingeus to participate in the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP).

The programme is aimed at anyone who is at risk of developing diabetes.

“The aim is that we make little tweaks and changes to their lifestyle to hopefully prevent the onset of type two diabetes” NDPP Educator at Ingeus Katie said.

Over about 10 months, participants will undertake 14 sessions covering diet, how the human body works and information about preventing diabetes.

A step in a better direction

“At first I was a little bit hesitant with the diabetes course because I wasn’t sure what to expect” course participant Andrea said.

“However, I was very pleasantly surprised.”

Andrea found great insight from the course particularly when it came to the levels of sugar and fats in foods, along with recommended portion sizes.

This helped her and David review what they were eating, how much they were eating so they could make some simple changes to the way they went about things.

The programme has had some fantastic outcomes for the couple, especially David

“Being on the programme has helped me tremendously” David said.

“I’ve lost two stone in weight (12.7kg), my blood sugar has been reduced and I’m enjoying my exercise.”

The NDPP was launched online in the last two years in response to COVID restrictions, and both in-person and online options will be available to future programme participants.