Brian and APM Employment Services

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Sharing his story to support others

It wasn’t so long ago that Brian was a job seeker struggling to find work with multiple barriers impacting his employability.

Today, he is supporting and mentoring other Indigenous job seekers to overcome their own challenges in life and to find the employment they need.

When it comes to the support he provides others, Brian talks openly about his criminal history and his lived experiences with substance issues.

Sharing his previous painful barriers to enjoying many aspects of life are part of his role at Footprints Employment and Training.

Together with his passion for helping others, Brian’s experiences and stories were what set him apart as a candidate to his employers, who say his willingness to share his knowledge is what makes him fantastic mentor.

Finding the right pathway

Brian was supported into work, after engaging with APM through Workforce Australia (formerly known as the jobactive program).

"There are a number of challenges, the biggest one would have probably have been my criminal history" Brian said.

Brian’s employer Darian shared the company’s ethos when it came to hiring "Here at Footprints we employ people based on their heart, not necessarily their qualifications."

"And when we came across Brian …and the fact he hadn’t been given an opportunity, really stands for everything that we stand for, which is trying to give opportunity in adversity."