Charlotte and ParentsNext

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Working towards the next step in life

Charlotte approached ParentsNext in Adelaide North, for help to decide what the next step in her career would be.

ParentsNext is an Australian government program delivered by APM in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The program is aimed at supporting parents with young children to reach their employment goals while balancing their family commitments.

At the time Charlotte was raising a child under one year old and was unsure of what she wanted to do.

With most of her mental and physical energy going towards raising her child, she was helped towards success thanks to her ParentsNext Pathway Planner and Total Training Solutions.

Growth and success

Charlotte worked with Jodie, one of APM’s Parent and Pathway planners, to find what career options would be suitable for her at this stage in her life.

When they found Charlotte wanted to work towards a career in aged care, Jodie referred Charlotte to Total Training Solutions.

They were able to provide flexible training for her, with generous allowances to complete the work she needed to.

They also assist students to find work placements in their chose fields.

“They helped me a lot” Charlotte said.

“From when Charlotte presented for an initial appointment to now that she’s completed her qualifications, she’s a lot more confident in her abilities” Jodie said.

Since 2017, with the help of APM, ParentsNext and Total Training Solutions, at least 70% of graduates have been able to find meaningful employment.