Davin and Ingeus Singapore

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Navigating a new industry

36 year-old Davin was steering a successful professional career when he was forced to reassess his path due to industry changes in Singapore due to COVID-19.

He reached out to Ingeus Singapore for support to take his next step.

Before he could go about applying for jobs, he needed to adjust his approach.

"I needed the career coaching service to make me a bit more aware of some of these changes" Davin said.

His coach assisted him with interview skills, and helped him to improve his resume for job applications.

Davin's coach assisted him to update and tailor his resume to showcase his skills and experience

He describes his experience with his career coach as having been "quite positive and helpful as well."

David is picture sitting at his desk, smiling

Continued success

Davin has been enjoying working in his role as a product developer with a dairy company.

In his role, he is engaged and developing his skills in a whole new way after COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

Davin knows he can reach out for support when he is ready to make another change on his career path down the track.

He has the professional tools he needs to market his skills and experience to prospective employers.

With the tailored support he received, he was successful in attaining a role he always wanted.

"I think I got this role because of the positive help I got from my coach here at Ingeus" he said.

"It was a good experience overall."