Dentrius and Ross IES

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Many workers worldwide have experienced significant changes in their work circumstances.

For the many workers who are also parents and caregivers, they had to reprioritise their work situation ever further.

As a single parent, Dentrius experienced significant changes to her circumstances because of COVID-19.

Having previously worked in the financial district in her hometown of Detroit, she made the decision not to return to work after having her son.

After dedicating herself to looking after her son, she made the choice to return to the workforce and joined the PATH program after reaching out to Ross IES.

Creating better circumstances

The PATH program is a dedicated employment services program from the Michigan state government, aimed at providing assistance for people to join or transitioning in to the workforce.

The program provides employment services, training services, financial coaching, life skills and empowerment coaching, one-on-one career coaching and support services.

“It’s been awesome” Dentrius said.

“I have literally been welcomed with open arms.”

Throughout the program, Dentrius has worked with the staff at Ross IES to help remove her barriers.

She has felt the personal support the program has given her, which has helped her access childcare for her son and assistance with insurance.

Including a job for Dentrius which pays more than her previous job.

“They will get you to where you need to go and they will not leave you behind” Dentrius said.