Jasmine and ParentsNext

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Getting started

When Jasmine was referred to the ParentsNext program delivered by APM, she was juggling motherhood and being a sole provider for her two children.

She had goals to become more independent and have stable finances, but she struggled to access the right resources and assistance to help her achieve those goals.

ParentsNext is a flexible program to support parents who have a child under six years old, and who haven’t been in paid work in the last six months.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all service for people looking for work. It’s a program that understands the various challenges of being a parent and providing them support to be successful in life.

APM Employment Services delivers ParentsNext in parts of Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria.

"The program has helped me a lot financially, physically, mentally" Jasmine said.

Improving her quality of life

With limited time to spare in her days, Jasmine needed flexible study and employment options.

“I’m not able to work full time (or) to go and study full time because I need the money, because I’ve got two kids” Jasmine said.

“(APM) helped me find study online and they helped me by supplying me a computer so that I could study at home.”

Without the extra support and guidance, she received through ParentsNext and her pathway planner Elizabeth, Jasmine admits she wouldn’t have been able to get back into work.

“Through the process of the program, Jasmine has become more confident as a person, and I think also as a Mum as well” Elizabeth said.

“The biggest benefit for Jasmine since participating would be her confidence and self-esteem and being able to be independent as a mum for her children.”

Whether it’s about study, work or about life Jasmine knows Elizabeth is there to support her.

Jasmine has been able to find her feet and blaze a new trail to support her family – and the future looks more positive than ever.

“I am more independent now, I am more financial, I can afford to live a happy life and be able to do things as a family” she said.