Julie and APM Employment Services

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New job gives Julie a green light for her future

Next time you pause at roadworks, you could have been waved on by one of the happiest traffic controllers we know.

Meet Julie.

After injuring her right arm, Julie lives with several tears in a tendon in her arm and shoulder, which limits her movement.

This injury has made it challenging for her to find a role which accommodated her needs.

After a negative experience with a previous agency prior to APM, she was uncertain if she would be able to find paid work to support herself.

"I was really negative" Julie recalls

"I sat down at my Consultant's desk and I had my arms crossed, I felt all anxious and hesitant because of my prior experiences."

"After I while I felt really at ease" she said "she reassured me that she was actually going to help me."

The support she needed

Julie was open-minded about the kind of role she was after, and when the opportunity to train as a traffic controller arose – Julie was thrilled.

Her employment consultant was able to quickly organise with for her to complete the required trainings for traffic control.

“Within a week, I was off doing the training courses” she said.

The support she received through Disability Employment Services program to secure a role “means everything to me" Julie said.

"I’ve wanted to work for so long and it wasn’t until I went to APM that I realised it could happen. Prior to that, I had no hope, I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown."

When she broke the news of securing her role to her Employee Consultant, she remembers them jumping for joy with her.

“You’ve got no idea what that kind of support means to you, after almost six years out of work, it was just lovely, and they were so supportive.”