Priya and Ingeus Singapore

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Tailored help for success

Priya found the right help in the right places, which made all the difference.

Searching for a job by yourself can be tough, and when you encounter barriers, it can be hard to know where to turn for support.

“Before Ingeus, it was very tough because there wasn’t anyone calling me back for an interview” Priya recalled.

When Priya reached out to Ingeus, it was only a short matter of time before she found success.

“And after going through Ingeus, I literally had calls every day, at least once a week for an interview or to check on my availability”

Professional progress

Finding work has helped restore her confidence in herself and give her the stability she needed to provide for her young family.

“I felt good because I knew I was doing something right” Priya said.

After attending five specialised job seeker workshops, Priya’s jobcoach Mimi gave her targeted support to help her improve her resume and some professional networking tips.

In addition to this, she coached Priya on what to look out for in a job ad and interview, so she would know if a job was the right fit for her.

Priya successfully secured a role as human resources executive at an engineering company, Meinhardt.

“I think I’m going to stay here for quite a bit, and then I’ll see how it goes from there” Priya said.

She enthusiastically speaks about her plans for the future, furthering her learning through Skillsfuture courses and personal development.